A few months ago  my american friend who is a professional video producer was very excited to show me his new very expensive software who he was going to use for the next video project. I asked him why do you always buy the newest software and pay the full price for it unlike the people who just find a free version to download. He simply looked at me and said. ” If this company don’t get supported by people like me , it will not going to be able to make better products next time”.  This is the very same reason for every one to support there favorite company or artist in my case. More support means better music, better videos, better shows and and and. With your donations  my company World Music Records will help new upcoming artists with there future in this field. Together we will make this happen. No one or no fan has the right to ask me, Siavash Shams, why am I not active in this corrupted Persian music industry and have no right to ask me  why am I “KAM KAR”.  I can only give you back what you give me. Nothing more.  You need a good front man in our music business to make a difference in the way things are running. Let me, my team,my vision and 30 years of experience make this happen. “SUPPORT”
To all of you who have been following my carrier I thank you for the support. If you would like to be a continuous part of my  music this is the time to fill up the form below or contact 


With your love and support I will continue to make better music for you and will be able to do the world tour with fans all over the world.  With You , my music and 30 years of experience in this business anything is possible and sky is the limit .